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Electrical Engineering Undergraduate

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Who I am

Electrical Engineer

I am a recent Electrical Engineering Undergraduate from San Jose State University. I have a passion for embedded systems, computer architecture, and digital design. I've grown accustom to the challenges that engineers face when working on projects and completing tasks. From personal projects to technical course projects, the excitement that I get from working on anything tech related is undeniable.

With a strong foundation in Electrical Engineering, I am confident in my understanding of the principles and applications within this field. My knowledge spans across various sub-disciplines, including circuit analysis, power systems, control systems, electromagnetics, digital logic design, and embedded systems. My experise extends to embedded SoC design, where I have a deep understanding on digital logic design using Verilog, computer architecture, and embedded programming. Furthermore, I am proficient in designing and implementing electronic devices and systems, using my knowledge of semiconductor devices and integrated circuit design.

I have inlcuded a few of my projects below that showcase my passion and knowledge for Electrical Engineering. Please feel free to click on anyone to find a detailed explanation of the project.

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Tic Tac Toe Game

An Embedded SoC Project that me and my partner worked on. This was the first project where I contributed to create a two-player game. Tic Tac Toe is a very popular game and the rules are simple, get three in a row. This game is usually played on pen and paper but we decided to make it digital. We used an FPGA board to implemement an SoC with an ARM Cortex-M0 processor along with the needed peripherals such as VGA, UART and Timer. We programmed the SoC with our version of the Tic Tac Toe game that used the keyboard as a controller. This was a cool and fun project to work on because we both collaborated and played against each other while debugging which made the debugging process more fun.


An Embedded Systems project programmed in C using the MSP-432 microntroller that uses keypad and 7-segment peripherals to interact with user. The box for the lockbox is outsourced and the included solenoid combined with keypad and 7-segment functions as a Lockbox similar one found in hotel rooms to store valuable items. The finite state machine allows the passcode to be reset once it has been unlocked and also lockdown mode when too many incorrect passcodes have been entered. This was a fun project that resulted in a saleable product.

16-Key Digital Piano

One of my favorite FPGA projects since I was able to create an instrument that is very popular and fun to play.It was also the first time I used the audio output on the Blackboard FPGA board. The project only needed a few components and the design source was simple but effecient. I used the switches to mimic the keys of a piano to play the corresponding notes on the piano. The tone of each note is distinguised and being able to play multiple keys to create a combination of notes makes it possible to play a simple song like "twinkle twinkle little star".

PID Speed Control

An Embedded Systems project where I integrated an PID autonomous control loop. Short for, Porportional Integral Derivative, allowed me to receive feedback and control the motor. I used the keypad to input the desired RPM, rotation per minute, and the PID loop ensures that the motor is spinning at that exact RPM. The ramp up speed can also be adjusted. This was a fun project that could be applied to different applications such as fan control, electric car motors and other motor related applications.